CTF Releases 2017 Annual Report

CTF is pleased to release an electronic version of our 2017 Annual Report.

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The Community Trust Foundation connects philanthropy for community good.



The mission of The Community Trust Foundation, Inc. is to strengthen the region by working in partnership with donors and community groups.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Building philanthropic resources
  • Connecting donors to organizations and programs they care about
  • Making effective grants that impact community needs
  • Managing investments for smaller non-profits

Community Foundations are one of the fastest growing sectors of philanthropy in the U.S.

Here’s why:

  • We partner with you to create a fund to achieve your charitable vision
  • We save you the time and expense of starting your own private foundation
  • We offer tax-saving and estate planning strategies
  • We spare you federal and state record keeping and filing
  • We invest your fund with professional financial managers
  • We provide on-going guidance and help to achieve your charitable goals
  • We keep you informed about current community needs

Our History

Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is progress;
Working together is success.

~Henry Ford

Turning Charitable Dreams into Reality

People want to make their communities stronger and more vital. This most human desire has been observed throughout history, and has done much to drive the advances of civilization. In April 2006, an organization that would become the Community Trust Foundation was established to facilitate private philanthropy by enabling donors to help meet community needs and turn their charitable dreams into reality.

Coming Together

In 2005, Casper Taylor, then speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates, convened a steering committee to explore the possibility of bringing a community foundation to our region. The Tri-County Council of Western Maryland took the lead in creating the Allegany/Garrett Community Foundation in 2006 by providing the administrative expertise to establish the foundation and the resources to equip and staff it. Business leader and philanthropist Robert Ebert saw the Foundation’s potential for strengthening the community and generously made the first donation to establish the Elta Mae and Robert Little Ebert Family Hope Fund.

Keeping Together

In its first year, the Allegany/Garrett Community Foundation more than doubled its assets. By the end of 2007, Mineral County West Virginia was added to the foundation’s service area and its name was changed to become the Community Trust Foundation (CTF).

Mr. Ebert and CTF made a positive impact on the community from the beginning by supporting the Family Integration and Education Center, a pilot program to enable families to overcome poverty through education and career development. As additional donors joined CTF, we were able to provide resources to support the Arts, help build parenting skills, and develop young leaders.

On May 9, 2010, Mr. Ebert died at the age of 93. His passion for working to eradicate poverty was recognized in the US Senate by Ben Cardin of Maryland and will always be remembered by the people he helped. His legacy of leadership and giving continues to inspire our Board of Trustees.

Working Together

Over the years, the Community Trust Foundation has grown to include more than 50 funds holding a total of nearly $5 million in assets. Since 2010, CTF has provided over $4 million in scholarships and grants to non-profit organizations in support of education, culture, and wellness. We work in partnership with our donors and community groups to make effective grants to help build better, stronger, more vibrant communities in our region. We welcome you to join the Community Trust Foundation in our mission to strengthen and improve the quality of life in the tri-county area of Allegany, Garrett and Mineral Counties. Together we can make a difference.

Trustees, Staff and Advisory Councils

Although the Board of Trustees is geographically and professionally very diverse, it is unified in its commitment and passion to realize CTF’s vision of growing a stronger community. Together, they pool their time, professional talent and resources to inspire others to pursue their philanthropic dreams in making a positive difference in our region. The Board of Trustees would like to thank everyone who chooses to make a donation of any size for their kind support and generosity.

Board of Trustees
Mrs. Marion Leonard, President
Mrs. Kathy Getty, Vice President
Mrs. Stacey Boggs
Mr. Griffin Detrick
Mrs. Dinah Courrier
Mr. William B. Grant
Mr. Shane Grady
Mr. Martin Heise
Mrs. Pam Jan
Mr. Alexander Miltenberger
Mrs. Margaret Miltenberger
Mr. Nicholas Monteleone
Dr. David Moran
Mr. Ray Morris
Mr. Alonzo Naylor
Mr. Bartlett Naylor
Mr. Todd Pyles, CPA
Mr. Vic Rezendes
Mr. Jeffrey Rhodes
Mrs. Sheri Sensabaugh
Mr. Terry Stephens
Mrs. Mary Jo Wolters

CTF Foundation Director
Leah Shaffer







CTF Administrative Assistant
Marcie Nelson







Beginning in 2015, the Community Trust Foundation welcomed the input of local community leaders by creating Advisory Councils for each of the three counties; Allegany, Garrett and Mineral. Members of the Advisory Councils are considered Ambassadors for CTF, sharing their professional expertise and knowledge, while promoting the good work and and long-term benefits of the Community Trust Foundation.

Allegany County Advisory Council
Kelli Allaway
Jane Belt
Joe Caporale
Jim Combs
Al Feldstein
Tom Finan
Ann Getty
Dr. Peter Halmos
John Hart
Samantha Isom
Berton Leach
Laurie Marchini
Jack McMullen
Colleen Peterson
Dr. Diane Romaine
Amanda Ruthenburg
Tama Scarpelli
Doug Schwab
Amy Schwab Owens
Robin Summerfield
Daniel Taylor Neumann

Garrett County Advisory Council
Laura Fike
Bob Hoffman
Jonathan Kessler
Bill Meagher
Gisele Mohler
Monty Pagenhardt
Don Sincell
Chris Sisler
Jason Sweitzer
Bill Weissgerber

Mineral County Advisory Council
Heather Ack
Liz Beavers
JoAnn Brotemarkle
Kevin Clark
Phil Douthitt
Louis Kitzmiller
Patsy Koontz
Gerri Mason
Kelly Miller
Michele Niland
Amy White
Hayward Wilson

Financial Information

Annual IRS Form 990
A copy of the latest filing is available for review in the CTF office at 112 Baltimore Street, Suite 201, Cumberland, Maryland 21502

Annual Financial Review
A copy of the review is available for inspection in the CTF office at 112 Baltimore Street, Suite 201, Cumberland, Maryland 21502


Need more info on CTF?

What is the Community Trust Foundation?

Established in 2006, the Community Trust Foundation, Inc. (CTF), is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization serving Allegany, Garrett and Mineral Counties.  The mission of CTF is to strengthen the region by working in partnership with donors and community groups.  We are not the cause; we are the causeway to growing better, stronger, more vital communities.  We provide administrative services and stewardship to help communities in our region maximize charitable giving and investing.

How does a community foundation differ from other non-profit organizations?

Most non-profit organizations serve a very specific mission.  Conversely, community foundations have a broad vision – to improve the quality of life in a given region.
As a philanthropic leader, the vision of CTF is to grow better, stronger and more vital communities for the region we serve.

We understand the needs of our community and make it easy for our local citizens to establish funds that will serve organizations and programs important to them.
The breadth of our mission provides many unique opportunities for donors to make a difference in the community in which they live –  for good, for ever.

How is the Community Trust Foundation funded?

We cover our administrative expenses by charging a small annual fee to each fund.  Our major source for funds comes from local citizens of varying means, who donate their assets to help improve the quality of life in their region.  Many contribute cash, securities, insurance and real property as outright gifts or they give through their personal will or by using planned giving, such as a charitable remainder trust.

How does CTF benefit the region it serves?

  • We make grants to qualifying organizations in support of the region’s historical heritage, art community, animal welfare, environmental education and preservation, wellness, culture, education and overall quality of life.
  • We assist local organizations with their funding needs to help them develop their services.
  • We help local organizations through our grants to leverage Federal and State funding.
  • We serve as an advocacy group for the community with federal, state and local policy makers.
  • We provide financial assistance to qualified local students through our Scholarship funds.

What are the benefits of establishing a fund through the Community Trust Foundation?

  • We provide an easy, efficient, and effective process to help you establish a professionally managed fund that serves your community interests.
  • We partner with you to create a fund to achieve your charitable vision.
  • We save you the time, administrative expense and legal costs of starting a private foundation.
  • We offer tax-saving and estate planning strategies.
  • We spare you federal and state record keeping and filing.
  • We invest your fund with professional financial managers.
  • We provide on-going guidance and help to achieve your charitable goals.
  • We keep you informed about current community needs.