Private donations are the building blocks of the Community Trust Foundation. It’s easy to create a new Fund at CTF to reflect your own charitable interests. We’ll work with you to define your charitable dream and determine the fund type that best meets your unique needs. We help make your charitable dream become reality by providing administrative services and financial management for your philanthropic fund.

There are two basic ways of giving: Direct Gifts and Planned Gifts.

Direct Gifts
These are gifts of cash, property, financial assets, royalties, intellectual property rights, etc. which are made during your lifetime to create a fund or contribute to an established fund.

  • Cash/Checks
  • Marketable securities
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Rights to copyrighted materials, patents, royalties
  • Mineral rights
  • Tangible personal property
  • Interests in business entities
  • Closely held stock
  • Real Estate

Planned Gifts
These are gifts made from your estate. Four commonly used forms of planned gifts are:

life insurance policies

When giving Life Insurance Policies, you name CTF as the owner of the policy and make the premium payments during your lifetime. Upon your death CTF uses the benefits of the policy to establish a charitable fund according to your specifications.


When making Bequests, you specify assets to be donated to CTF through your Will upon your death.

charitable lead trusts

A Charitable Lead Trust allows you to donate the earnings of designated assets to CTF for a number of years. When the trust terminates the assets are distributed to your grandchildren.

charitable remainder trusts

With a Charitable Remainder Trust, you and your beneficiaries receive the earnings from designated assets during your lifetime. Upon your death the assets in the trust are donated to CTF.

All gifts are subject to the approval of the Community Trust Foundation Board of Trustees.

Establishing Fund Guidelines

With gifts of $10,000 or more you may create a new fund for your charitable intention, name your fund, and establish the criteria for awarding grants. With gifts of less than $10,000 you may contribute to an established fund or join with others to create a new fund to support a community need. With gifts of $5000 or more you may establish a seedling fund with the intent of increasing the fund balance to $10,000 within a two year period. No grants can be made from funds with a balance below $10,000.

The Community Trust Foundation strongly encourages potential donors to consult their legal and tax advisors prior to making a gift to determine the most appropriate form of direct or planned giving for the donor’s individual circumstances. 

Heritage Circle
The Heritage Circle of the Community Trust Foundation honors individuals who have pledged a financial contribution through a planned gift. Membership in the Heritage Circle is extended to philanthropists who support CTF’s mission of building stronger, more vibrant communities through their estate planning. Furthermore, the Heritage Circle celebrates their generous intentions and thanks them for making a positive difference in our region for good and forever.

Please contact:

Leah Shaffer, CTF Foundation Director
(301) 876-9172 or email:

Community Trust Foundation
112 Baltimore Street, Suite 201
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