What is a Community Foundation?

Welcome to the Community Trust Foundation Blog

For Good, Forever

Sandi Rowland, Foundation Director

I have been with the Community Trust Foundation for just over a year…and what a year it has been! I have learned so much about what community foundations are and the role they play in creating stronger communities. I’m very excited to share a bit of what I have learned and exchange ideas on how we can build a more vibrant region in Allegany, Garrett and Mineral Counties. Through this blog, I hope to create a space for conversation to explore ways we can work together to enhance the quality of life for everyone in our region.

So let’s start with the basics, just What exactly is a Community Foundation?

Community Foundations emerged just over 100 years ago, the first being in Cleveland. Today there are over 700 community foundations around the country serving local regions, cities, counties and even states. In Maryland there are 15 community foundations covering every county. Community foundations are a vehicle to mobilize local resource to address local needs. While other community non profits also do this, most non-profit organizations serve a very specific mission. Community foundations have a broad vision – to improve the quality of life in a given region. CTF is the community foundation for Allegany and Garrett Counties in Maryland and nearby Mineral County in West Virginia.

CTF is a younger member of the community foundation world. We were founded in 2006, but are growing rapidly. CTF has approximately $4,000,000 in assets under management and distributes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of grants and scholarships in the community every year. CTF provides many unique opportunities for donors to make a difference in the community where they live, work and raise their families. CTF supports many areas of community life; Arts and Historical Preservation, Vibrant Communities and aThriving Environment, Education and Youth Leadership, and Health and Wellness. We understand the needs of our community and make it easy for our local citizens to establish or contribute to funds that will serve organizations and programs important to them. Feel free to contact me with your questions or ideas through this blog or through email at srowland@ctfinc.org or by phone at 301-876-9172.