Why Establish a Fund through the Community Trust Foundation?

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Sandi Rowland, Foundation Director

 While community foundations have been around for over 100 years, the Community Trust Foundation (CTF) is relatively new in our area. So, you may be asking yourself why should I contribute to CTF?  If I want to leave a legacy endowment or scholarship why don’t I just set it up myself? Community Foundations are a way for ordinary citizens to take advantage of economies of scale in investing back into their own communities. They are a way of keeping wealth made locally in the community. Establishing a fund or contributing to an existing fund is an easy way to maximize your philanthropic dollars while taking out the hassle factor.  You can control how you want your money used but you don’t have the responsibility of conducting your own due diligence or keeping up to date on tax codes, investment decisions, etc.

Some things to consider working through your local community foundation:

·         We provide an easy, efficient, and effective process to help you establish a professionally managed fund that serves your community interests.

·         We partner with you to create a fund to achieve your charitable vision.

·         We save you the time, administrative expense and legal costs of starting a private foundation.

·         We offer tax-saving and estate planning strategies.

·         We spare you federal and state record keeping and filing.

·         We invest your fund with professional financial managers.

·         We provide on-going guidance and help to achieve your charitable goals.

·         We keep you informed about current community needs.

As always, feel free to contact me for further information via this blog, email at srowland@ctfinc.org or phone at 301-876-9172.